Here we Go!

November 30th, 2008

The first attempt at a blog post and what an attempt it is. I’ve arrived here in Georgia,the state not the country, though some might argue. The delayed harvest is in full swing. Delayed harvest is; catch and release fishing until the fishing season begins again, hence delayed. The fisherman here are friendly, happy to give advice and happy to have some company. The fishing has been good, the rivers are beautiful, though the flows are quite low. I do love the flora and fauna here. fishing these rivers with there overhanging trees and rocky bottoms gives great cause to use the short rods I’ve been building lately. Success with dry flies and a dropper has been steady enough to still be able to fish upstream. Unlike many of the local bugger men. The midge hasn’t been the most effective dropper so it may be safe to say, the midge life crisis is over.See ya out there, or at the very least, here on the world wide wack, Dave

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